WR 121 students will spend the first 6 weeks of the term working on the Critical Analysis Project, which starts with a critical analysis of a cultural artifact.  So "choosing a topic" in this course starts with choosing an artifact to analyze.

As a reminder, artifacts should:

  • Spark genuine curiosity, interest or wonder for you.
  • Be rich with meaning.
  • Be specific and concrete.

Your WR 121 instructor probably gave you some additional guidelines about the types of artifact you should choose, but you have a great deal of freedom and a lot to choose from!

Start with things you notice in your daily life. Things that you see, that people send you, that you read or that you hear that spark questions, curiosity or confusion in you -- these things are potentially good artifacts to analyze.  Keeping your mind open as you read, watch, and listen is a good first step.

You can also go out and browse different types of texts and artifacts.  Again, keeping your mind open and focusing on what sparks genuine curiosity for you is important.  Here are some collections of clips, texts, images and more to browse:

Ads & Advertising

Politics & Government

Movies & Television