What you need:

How you format your blog citation will vary, depending on the style you use.  But there are some basic elements you will need to know to cite blogs in almost any style.  We will use the a post on the OSU Career Services blog as an example:


POST TITLE:  GPA - Is it Worth the Struggle?


BLOG TITLE: Career Services Blog

SPONSOR OR PUBLISHER: Oregon State University Career Services

URL: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/careerservices/2014/07/08/gpa-worth-struggle/

POST DATE: 8 July 2014

FORMAT: Weblog

DATE RETRIEVED: 3 September 2014




MLA arenthm (Screen name). "GPA - Is it Worth the Struggle?" Career Services Blog. Oregon State University Career Services. 8 July 2014. Web. 3 Sep. 2014.
APA arenthm (Screen name). (2014, July 8). GPA - Is it worth the struggle? [Web log]. Retrieved from http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/careerservices/2014/07/08/gpa-worth-struggle/


For more information

For more information about these citation styles, and citing different types of posts & comments, use the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):

MLA Style: University of Maryland Guide on how to cite a Listserv, Discussion Group or Blog Posting

APA Style: Blog (Weblog) and Video Blog Post

Chicago Manual of Style: Blog