Both MLA and APA require you to format the entries in your Works Cited (or Reference) list with hanging indents.  A hanging indent means that every line after the first is indented 1/2 inch.  

Follow these steps to create hanging indents in Microsoft Word or in Google Drive.

Microsoft Word

There's a hanging indent option in the paragraph formatting menu. 

  1. Highlight the text you want to indent and right-click (on a Mac, hold down the control button while you click) 
  2. Choose Paragraph.

Microsoft word screenshot showing a paragraph of highlighted text with the right-click menu showing and the Paragraph option circled

  1. When the paragraph formatting box comes up, choose Hanging from the Special menu dropdown.

Microsoft Word screenshot showing the Paragraph Formatting dialog box with the Special menu open and the Hanging option circled


Google Docs

  1. Start by highighting your text.
  2. With the text highlighted, use the tools on the ruler to move the margins.  

Google docs screenshot with a red arrow pointing to the icons in the ruler menu


  1. Use the triangle tool on the ruler to move all of your text 1/2 inch to the right.  
  2. Use the small rectangle tool just above the triangle to move the first line of your highlighted text back to the left.
  3. Watch this video to see these steps in action.