1. First, choose Ejournals from under the Find It menu on the library's home page.
Screenshot of how to find ejournals on the library's home page.
2. Enter the name of the journal you would like to search in, then click on the publisher or database link for that journal.
Screenshot of searching for a specific journal
3. A window will pop up, indicating which collection(s) include the journal. Note the date range available. Clicking on a collection will bring you to a page for that journal. 
 Screenshot of journal availability screen
4. If you have a particular topic in mind, use the search option to enter in some keywords and search within the journal. If you don't have a topic in mind, click on the + button next to the year, then browse through several past issues of the journal.
Screenshot of searching in a specific journal
Note - make sure to pay attention to the library's subscription to the journal and what dates the subscription covers. In this example, the library subscribes to issues from 2006 to one year ago.