Finding Book or Movie Reviews with Lexis-Nexis

Lexis-Nexis is our most comprehensive news database and a great source for film or book reviews (or for theater or restaurant reviews).  Here's how to find reviews with this tool:

1. Go to the database Lexis-Nexis Academic (if you are off-campus, you'll need to log in with your ONID).

2. From the front page of the database, click on Search by Content Type and choose All News

Screenshot of Lexis Nexis Academic landing page with the search by content type menu highlighted on the top right corner of the page
3. Now, go to Advanced Options and open that up. Then click the ticky box that corresponds with the type of review you want.
Screenshot of lexis nexis Advanced options with book, film, movie and restaurant reviews highlighted in the middle of the page

Additional options:

  • Movie Review Query Engine is a great source of film reviews on the web.
  • For older reviews, read the linked guide on the left side of the page I need to find articles from historical newspapers.
  • Many of the library's scholarly databases include book reviews of scholarly books and films (and academic reviews of popular works).  Look for a facet or limiting option that allows you to specify reviews.  It will look different, depending on the database you're using. Here are a few examples: