Because of how the OSU Libraries are organized, it can be hard to browse the stacks for a fun book to read. There isn’t a fiction section, the way there might be in a public library.

Getting recommendations

If you want recommendations for books, you can try a few places:

  • What Should I Read Next? gives you recommendations based on book titles or authors you have read and liked.  
  • Goodreads is a social media site for readers. It can recommend books based on previous books you’ve liked, but you can also browse other users’ reviews.

Once you know the author or title of a book, you can use the links at the left to find out how to find books in the library using 1Search.


Finding books in a literary genre

In 1Search, you can do an advanced search to search for books of a particular genre. Click on the down arrow on the Search button.

Screenshot of the advanced search in 1Search

Select “in subject” from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of the subject search in 1Search

Then type in the subject words. The following are some popular genres:

  • Detective and mystery stories
  • Historical fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Short stories
  • Graphic novels