Finding Online Maps

While Google Maps is an excellent resource, there are many other online mapping tools. Here are some links to help you get started:

Find more online mapping resources at this maps research guide.

Finding Print Maps at the Valley Library

What kind of maps does The Valley Library have?

All kinds! Road maps, geologic maps, soils maps, topographic and other maps showing physical features, political maps, bathymetric charts and many more covering all parts of the world and even other planets and star charts. We receive a lot of government maps, but we also purchase maps and atlases from publishing companies.

How are maps organized at The Valley Library?

Maps have call numbers and are primarily located on the third floor of the Valley Library.

One of the most successful ways to search is to use the place name as the subject (city, county, country, region, national forest, river, etc.) with --Maps or --Road maps or another map designator.

Sample subject heading searches:

Map of Eugene search:  Eugene (Or.)--Maps

Road map for Lincoln County:  Lincoln County (Or.)--Road map

Why can't I find any of the new National Forest Service maps in the map drawers?

Some of the more current Forest Service visitor maps are located in the Government Documents section on the 3rd floor under their SuDoc call number, starting with A 13.92/2:  You may wish to search by the name of the national forest you're interested in, to see where the latest map is located.

Do you have historic maps?

Many of the OSU Libraries' historic and rare maps are located in the Special Collections and Archives Research Collection on the 5th floor. Finding aids have been created for most of them and can be seen on their website at

May I check out print maps?

Yes. Most of our maps do circulate! Those that do not include the various historic maps collections, Army Map Service maps and Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, as well as "storage" maps, which are usually over 30 years old and beginning to deteriorate (see Map Collections for more information).

For more information on using maps at the OSU Libraries, read more at this maps research guide.