Google Patent Search

To find United States Patents from 1790 until the past few months use Google Patent Search

Using Google Patent Advanced Search, you can search by:

  • patent number
  • patent title
  • inventor
  • assignee
  • U.S. Classification, International Classification,
  • document status (issued patents or applications),
  • patent type,
  • issue date, or filing date.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers nearly complete and up-to-date patent information through the
USPTO Patent Full-text and Image Database.

Search Issued Patents or Patent Applications using Quick Search, Advanced Search, or Patent/Publication Number Search.

You will need to install a browser plug-in to view the images.

Use this search engine when you want to search the most current applications, or if you want to see a list of patent numbers that are withdrawn, or missing from the database.


For more help finding patents or trademarks, use this patent and trademark research guide.