Review articles are a great place to begin diving into the scholarly literature. Review articles are summaries of the research that has been done on a particular topic. They provide background information about what researchers have looked at and discovered related to your topic. Review articles can also lead to lots of other sources (usually in the bibliography) that you can follow up on once you have read the review article.

Note - Review articles can be published in peer-reviewed journals, but "review article" is not necessarily synonymous with "peer review."

Finding Review Articles

Use one of the following databases to search for review articles on your topic of interest. Each database helps you find review articles somewhat differently, but most of them use refining features on the left-hand side of the results page to find review article refining options.

  • Web of Science:  Document Types > Review
  • Compendex:  All treatment types > Literature Review
  • Medline (EbscoHost): “Limit your results”> Publication Type> review
  • Google Scholar:  Add the word review to your keyword search to find review articles (uncheck “include patents”)