1Search is our library search engine that streamlines your research process. Use it to discover online articles, books, documents, videos and more, all in one place!

What's included in 1Search?

  • All the materials from the OSU Libraries catalog, such as books, videos, government documents, maps, sound recordings, music scores, etc.
  • Scholarly journal articles, newspaper and magazine articles from over 62,000 sources. Much of this content is full-text.
  • Resources from the OSU Libraries digital collections, such as OSU theses and dissertations in ScholarsArchive.

There are some resources in the OSU Libraries that will not be found in this search engine. Please consult with an OSU Librarian for resources not available with this search.

Interested in using 1Search? 1Search can be found on the right side of many of our OSU Libraries webpages.

  1. Type your keywords into the 1Search search box. You can try searching for a subject term, a title, or an author name. Keep your search short and simple to start.

screenshot of the OSU Libraries 1Search search box showing a search box and search button and links to advanced search and search tips


  1. Log in. Logging in with your ONID account information will give you more access to digital content and to 1Search's organizational features.

Screenshot of the OSU Libraries 1Search login page

  1. Review your search results. The icons on the left will tell you what type of content you are looking at.  Use the Item Details link to read the abstract.


Screenshot of 3 OSU Libraries 1Search results with icons highlighted on the left side 

  1. Refine your search using the facets in the left column:

screenshot of the 1Search facetsExpand my results:  If you check this box, you will see results from other libraries, that have to be ordered.

Show only: 

Available at OSU: Books, journals and media that is physically present at an OSU Library location.

Full Text Online: Books, articles and other content that is available digitally, immediately.

Peer-reviewed Journals: Articles that were published in academic journals, and reviewed by experts in the field.

Refine My Results:

Limit your result to a particular format: This is useful when you have specific requirements to meet.


1Search is a powerful tool that takes some practice to master; it can be helpful to try out different options and see what works best for your particular search. If you have any questions about using 1Search or any other OSU Library resources, please contact us at the OSU Libraries for assistance.